What We Believe

Human Problems and Humanity’s Potential

Earth is filled with many atrocities. Poverty, hunger, disease, violence, corruption and tyranny are all evils that humanity has faced from the beginning of time, but they are not evils we have to live with. No problem cannot be drastically marginalized and that most human problems can be eliminated altogether. Humanity has an unmeasurable potential – we have no boundaries, save those that science presents us. We can eliminate all suffering, explore the universe, and can live indefinitely. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. We are truly our own worst enemy.

The Goals and How to Get There

The ultimate goal is to end all human suffering, which will open us up to limitless possibilities, such as exploring the universe, and develop the science-based technology to live indefinitely. These are the distant, ultimate goals of a united human race. In a world without suffering there will be no poverty, there will be no disease, there will be no need for violence or corruption or tyranny.

The necessary, immediate, and primary goals are to achieve peace, individual sovereignty, and a society based entirely on voluntary interaction. To create such a world, we must eliminate coercion in all it’s forms – we must strike it at it’s roots. What human institution is responsible for the most death, violence, coercion, and suffering?

The Root: Government

Looking at human history from an objective perspective, we can clearly see that most destruction of life and oppression of sovereignty and liberty is not typically perpetuated from individuals, but from governments. Governments are the leading cause of suffering in the world today and yesterday. Though governments allegedly attempt to solve the problems of humanity, the reality is much different. Governments cause more problems than they solve, resulting in wars, structural stratification, and human slavery. No man is free whilst he must pledge allegiance to a nation and must submit to it’s coercion.

The problem with government lies in it’s nature. Governments are inherently coercive; they steal, kidnap, kill and call these things taxation, imprisonment, and war. Because they control the language, they are able to control the perception of how things should be. Without coercion from the state, there would be no funding for government. Not only are government’s inherently coercive, they naturally evolve, becoming bigger, more oppressive, and more coercive. It’s time we do away with this silly system entirely.

Individual Sovereignty & Non-Aggression

Most people are shocked by this idea. No government, they say, are you crazy? While the idea comes across as radical initially, if one applies logic and evaluates the nature of government, it’s the only conclusion. We don’t advocate for the overnight elimination of the state, but the gradual reduction and phasing-out of it.

Why, you ask? Natural human rights; ultimately, it’s an issue of morality.

We believe that individuals are sovereign (sometimes called self-ownership). This means no man has a master. No man should be subjected to any authority but to the natural laws. As long as government exists – at least government without the express consent of the governed – this injustice will continue. Though we are all individually sovereign by nature, governments have corrupted this, resulting in the greatest injustice and ethical atrocity in human history. It’s the last form of slavery and the last battle humanity must face.

Hand-in-hand with individual sovereignty is the non-aggression principle. The non-aggresion principle is a believe that all initiation of force, coercion, or any form of aggresion against person or property is inherently unethical and therefore morally wrong. The greatest violator of the non-aggression principle is government, by it’s very nature.

But What About Human Nature?

Many people believe this whole system of a voluntary society governed by individual sovereignty and non-aggression is simply unachievable because of their view of human nature. They view humans as inherently bad, almost always succumbing to corruption, oppression, and violence. This is a paradigm that’s been popular for a very long time, and has been re-enforced my religion and human history. One can hardly be blamed for not being optimistic in regards to true human progress.

But let me ask you this: of all the people you know, how many are good people? How many are compassionate, loving, and afraid of the world we’re in, just like you? I’d wager everything I own that the majority of the population are ultimately good people who would wish no harm upon anyone. Those who commit acts of violence or hate aren’t revealing the true nature of all of us; no, rather they are demonstrating the symptoms of the disease of coercion and fear that run the systems of the world.

Ultimately, though we all make mistakes, people have good intentions. People have compassion and altruistic emotions. We all have more in common than we realize. The basic need and most powerful desire of humanity is the desire to love and be loved.

From this perspective, I argue that human nature is based on compassion and love, not hate and violence. Because of this, I know a better world is possible.